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My First Blog Post!

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog! Over the past two years of owning a business, I’ve tried (and clearly failed) to start blogging numerous times, but just could not write something that I felt was worth posting - and quite honestly, an assignment is what’s motivating me to finally jump on the bandwagon.

For anyone that’s new to Wild Rose Imaging, I’m Kara, the owner of this business! I’m all about mountains, coffee, campfires, and my Australian Shepard, Elsie. I got into photography about 7 years ago when I took pictures of my friends with their horses, and fell in love with the fact that I could capture authentic moments that depicted the bond between horse and rider. Today, I focus primarily on lifestyle and sports photography, and my goal is to capture every milestone in my clients life, as well as establish myself within a prominent hockey association so that I may tell their story as well. My style can be defined as bold and colourful, and I like clients who embody that. If this sounds like you I’d love to hear from you!

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