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My Very First Photoshoot

As I mentioned in my last blog, I got into photography about seven years ago. I grew up riding horses, and if there’s one thing I can tell you about horse girls, it’s that we *love* getting pictures done with our horses. So, when I discovered that my stepmom had one of those “fancy cameras”, I asked to borrow it so that we could take “high quality” pictures with our horses during our annual Christmas sleepover. I had so much fun posing my friends and editing the images afterwards, and I was absolutely blown away by how well (I thought) I was able to capture the bond they had with their horses.

Looking back now, the images are not something I would dare return to a client, but at the time, they were the best photos we had with our horses. That day, I became obsessed with capturing moments, and that little Canon Rebel rarely left my hand. It saw me learn how to find optimal lighting, shoot in manual, figure out better posing, expand my portraiture horizons, and eventually, study photography at a college level. I’ve since upgraded all of my gear, went “pro”, and drastically improved my ability to shoot, but this blog post is all about the start of my journey, so here are some images!

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